I am a follower of Jesus. Jesus redeemed me from what I am and I love Him for it. I would love a chance to talk to you about Him.

A very beautiful girl married me.  She is a fantastically gifted person whose love for me and our children can only be explained through her love for Christ. We have three children.

We live in Arkansas where we cheer for the Razorbacks. My home is surrounded on three sides by farm fields full of rice, corn, snakes and mosquitoes. I can say that I have grown to love country life. It was a long road to get there.

I attend Cavalry Baptist Church in West Memphis, Arkansas. My dad is the pastor there and has been since 1985. He is a humble pastor who studies the Bible diligently. You should come sometime.

I love to read and play games with friends and family. I enjoy winning but the fun is in the playing.

I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school. My mom sacrificed much money and time to stay at home with me and my sisters.  I am forever indebted to her.

I learned some stuff at Berry College and Mississippi College then learned a little more during law school at the University of Memphis. I am still a Razorback fan but I have been known to cheer for the Tigers if the moon is right.

I have been a lawyer in Crittenden County since 2003.

I love to write and but do so inconsistently. So any particular blog post may be my last for the next six months.

Please feel free to comment. Say what you want because I will just delete it if its exceptionally stupid.


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