Easter Parenting

Louie Giglio says we are all worshippers. Whether it is golf, the Grizzlies or girls, we are prone to worship things. For those of us that would call ourselves Christians, it is an easy admission to state we should worship Jesus Christ above all. We should not worship Him merely because He is kind and good and strong. We should worship Him because He is the Redeemer at the center of our gospel. The most dramatic display of His power in the gospel is His resurrection. The resurrection is the exclamation mark at the greatest climax in God’s epic history.

So as we walk through Walmart and see the world persuading our children to associate Easter with poorly made plastic eggs and chocolate in the shape of fictional cottontails, do not settle for a godless Easter. Much is at stake. The truth of the Bible is more exciting than any hunt for candy-filled eggs. You are not a bad Christian if you buy your child a fluffy Easter bunny or help them find little treasures in the grass, but you are a misguided parent if you’ve failed to teach your child that the greatest celebration of Easter is Christ’s resurrection.

“Apart from Christ, let nothing dazzle you.” -Saint Ignatius

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