Imaginary Wars Among The Mothers

The Bible and Christ’s example is filled with calls to unity and love and togetherness “especially among the brethren.”  So why do so many Christians see conflict where there is none or imagine ill-will where none exists?
Specifically, I am referring about this supposed rift between stay-at-home mothers and employed mothers. I think people are to quick to see attacks when what they should see is encouragement, sovereignty and faithfulness.
Full disclosure: I am the son, brother, husband, nephew and cousin of stay at home, homeschooling mothers.  So now you know where I stand — and with whom I stand.  But in 33 years of life, I have never once heard one person in my family utter a disparaging word about a family’s decision that the mother be employed. Not one word.  I would not waste my keystrokes if it were not so.
I speak for me and my wife when I say we love and respect many precious mother-friends who have made the decision to obtain employment.  They feel like it is right for them. They feel God has led them there.  Some choose to do so for various reasons. We do not judge them.  Do not imagine that in the dark closets of our home, we malign and curse the working mother. No. We do not judge.  If that is the path you have prayerfully chosen, then God speed. It is not a lesser one.   We assume You are serving the Lord in different ways and different places.  What a blessed diversity!
But let the mothers who have similar callings encourage each other in their journey.  If my wife talks, blogs or tweets about home-making or home schooling, she does not intend to insult other moms who make homes and educate children differently.  Can missionaries talk about being missionaries without plumbers getting hurt? Can doctors talk about being doctors without lawyers screaming about insults?  Of course.  So let a home-maker talk about her home-making. Let a home-schooler talk about her home-schooling. It a unique challenge with unique needs for encouragement.
Are there unique challenges that come to the employed, working mother. Yes! You should be able to talk about them without my wife getting her feelings hurt.  Your skin should be as thick.  Not just for your own well being and mental health, but for the sake of the kingdom of Christ.
Bear up together and embrace the different journeys on which God has placed us. All of us, from the lowly to the theologian and scholar should encourage unity and love among the different walks of the sisters and brothers.  While the conflicts may be imagined, the casualties will be real.


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