How Did Jesus Love?

Part of parenting, marriage, living and being is learning to love. I have much to learn about loving my children and wife. But what I know of love, I can say I love that little blonde-haired trouble maker in my arms.

But often, love is not that simple. Those who have benefited most from God’s love often do not spread it.  On the other hand, it is a dangerous mistake to believe that feeding the poor and helping the sick and rooting out racism accomplishes the whole of the Gospel. It is not so.

So what is love all about? I know it’s good.  (You should read what Jill has to say about the necessity of love in the church.)

So what did Jesus think love was? I was surprised at the answer in John 17:26.

Jesus said love was making known the name of the Father. Love is making God known. I can’t do one without the other.  I can’t love without making God known. But I shouldn’t confuse John 17:26 with the converse — I don’t necessarily make God known by “loving.” So many try to define love as some sort of gushy acceptance of another that would always avoid controversial topics such as God.

Is love more than talking about God.  Absolutely.

Can I love someone and never speak of God? Jesus might say no.


One thought on “How Did Jesus Love?

  1. Jill Denton says:

    Good, good words! I thought after I publishing my post that I should have defined what love is. You said it so well. I think I’ll follow up in a couple of days with a post about that and include a link to your post.

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