What if?

What if Jesus actually lived? What if Jesus was the greatest person ever? What if he was more than a person? What if Jesus was exactly who he said he was?  What if his death made it possible for me not to spend eternity in hell? What if the best thing for me is to be in relationship with Jesus?

What if the Bible told me that faith in Jesus and repentance of my sin would secure my place with God forever? What if I believed that was good news for you too?  What if, apart from faith and repentance, eternity separated from God in hell was your future too?

What if I didn’t tell you because I did not want to impose on you? What if I felt like it was too personal a matter for pizza conversation? What if I felt like …

…a conversation like that might make future conversations awkward?

What if I said nothing because I was too busy? Or because I like our relationship the way it is now? What if I felt like I was too close to you to bring up the gospel now after all this time? What if I felt like I didn’t know you well enough?

What if I decided to tell you but first I needed to tweak the gospel — to modernize it for the 21st century?

What if repentance, faith, sin and hell  sounded too judgmental so I used other words? What if I just told you  you are okay? That you simply need to feel good about yourself?

What if I told you God is love and nothing else? What if I then asked why you couldn’t love a God who loved you? What if I said that was the only truth you needed?

Or what if I told you the Gospel is that Jesus wants to be your friend? What if it sounded good to you and was easy for me?

What if I told you Jesus promises money, health and happiness to all who believe he is Lord? What if you wanted money, health and smiles and heard me say that?

What if I asked you to change the words you say, the clothes you wear, and the beverages you consume but said nothing of the cross or of sin? What if I told you heaven will be yours if you live rightly?  What if I felt like repentance and faith were old words and this is a new day?

What if I told you salvation was found in social change and public involvement? What if I told you abolishing hunger, poverty, abortion, slavery and negative thinking is the way to make things right in your soul?

What if I spoke with you about Christian doctrine because we both love logical thinking and critical analysis? What if we could speak cogently about ideas of original sin and the sovereignty of  God but never spoke of the repentance and faith?

What if I was happy to keep talking about the gospel the way I always have?

What if, at my death, God asks me what I did with the good news of the Gospel while on earth?

What if He asks you?


One thought on “What if?

  1. Candice Hair says:

    So good. You encourage and challenge me so much! And I get to be married to you! Fave blog post ever!

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