Oh Happy Dane! Part 2

(Part 1)
In the Oprah episode about the Happy land of Denmark, there was a very interesting scene where the local ladies sat down in a cafe and discussed life in their country.  The tall blondes talked with Oprah about why they believed they were so happy.  The discussion turned for a minute to religion. Watch it below.

How would you respond to that?  How would I?  Why would they see a life without religion and empty churches being related to increased happiness?  What would you have said if you were sitting there sipping coffee with friends and this topic arose?


3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Dane! Part 2

  1. jo says:

    Somehow your blog disappeared from my reader. I fixed that this morning. Love the new header. You're a techno genius.

  2. jo says:

    Oh Happy Dane. Catchy. I like it. Happy Dane indeed.

  3. Candice Hair says:

    Maybe Satan is thinking – why mess with a culture that is content in their Godlessness? Just maybe.

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