Oh Happy Dane! (Part 1)

I had the provocative experience of watching Oprah the other day.  It was an episode where she went to Denmark to explore why that country’s citizens had been polled as the happiest people in the world.
There was much to consider as Denmark is largely socialist from an economic standpoint, e.g., virtually universal healthcare, universal secondary education and wage regulations.  The home (mostly apartments) decor was small, minimalistic and simple. A quote I loved from a Dane father was “Less things, more life.”  How often I feel like that!  I work to pay bills to sustain a way of life that is, is someways, more imprisoning than freeing.  For instance, if I had less debt, smaller mortgage, less “luxury” items, cheaper cars, less monthly bills, I would be able to give more resources and time to those in need, to enjoy more experiences, and have more time for family, church and service.
Would I be less happy with a smaller house? A less socially acceptable model of vehicle? A smaller cable and internet package? NO cable or internet (gasp)?  Smaller TV? Less pricy restaurants?  Probably not.  Not that any of these are wrong, but would I feel more free and more happy without them. I don’t know, but I am willing to think about it. Are you?

(See Part 2)


One thought on “Oh Happy Dane! (Part 1)

  1. jill d says:

    I really like this.

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