Reagan Prays

I am sure that as a parent, we could all share stories of our children’s prayers. They are sweet, funny and inspiring all at once. My sister recently wrote of her daughter’s prayer that “Mommy become more helpful.” Amen to that!

Reagan loves to pray. I am not sure that She has a clue that it is talking to God. She simply prays a things and people she is thankful for…without mentioning God.

ME –“Ok Reagan, lets pray.”

REAGAN “For Mommy, for daddy, for daddy, for gigi, for hutch for mommy, for daddy, …”

She recently started praying for Ms. Georgie because Ms. Georgie sent her a card for her birthday. Now Reagan doesn’t know Ms. Georgie or that Ms. Georgie is a female. She often prays “for Ms. Georgie, I love him so much.” God knows the important stuff.

I remember hearing a sermon on praying with your children. It emphasized the importance of praying good doctrine in front of your kids. For example, my prayers should speak of Christ, the Gospel, redemption, God’s glory…you get the point.

It’s hard to know how much, if any, of that sinks in a three year old’s brain at night-night time. So I was overjoyed to hear Reagan add “Jesus” to her list of things she is thankful for. It went like this “..And for Jesus, I love him. And lipstick, I really love lipstick.” Oh how she loves lipstick.

I guess I’m happy with small steps. They are more my size anyway.


2 thoughts on “Reagan Prays

  1. jo says:

    This is sweet. I think sometimes our children's prayers can be indicative of how we are praying – after all that's all they would know. Mercy me! How many hundreds of thousands of "Dear God, please help us have a good day" have I ushered up around here.I love what I found on this site about praying Scripture back to the Lord and in the process commiting God's Word to memory. For me and the kids. They have a search engine plus short form prayers for children. appropriate that your word verification is SHAWM – I think I will call you that from now on, shawm.

  2. jo says:

    You're more than welcome for my guest post in the form of a comment on your blog today. Heheheh

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