Holiday Thoughts

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. And no one has complained. I could assume the silence meant no one was reading my posts … or I could assume that my large and loyal reader group has such discretion, such patience, yea, even such confidence that the long awaited shog (short for “Shaun blog”–it’ll catch on) will be worth the extended anticipation. I choose to believe the latter.

And so I’m offering this simple shog to kids from one to ninety two.

I love reading about Christmas traditions. That is my tradition. Reading about your traditions. Some traditions I like. Others? Well, not so much.

Here are some holiday traditions that strike me as being particularly merry:

1. Taking off for a month during the December – January break. Staying up late playing games and watching football every chance you get. It seemed like so much fun in college. How soon we forget the lessons of academia. I propose for Christmas that we institute a month long period of play. You know it sounds good.

2. Having our government give a Multi-billion dollar, tax-payer subsidized, Christmas gift to people who don’t know how to run a business. Merry Christmas Mr. American Car Guy CEO. You think maybe all of us who are paying our hard-earned billions to your crappy business could get a little better than 4.9 APR? How about a buy one, get two free deal? No, you say? I hope your gas tank gets sugar in it. I just saw on the news that the recipients of said bailout own a multi-million dollar resort that is losing 25 million a year. That means your tax dollars are paying for their private, poorly run golf resort.

3. I really love my family. Nothing says Hair family like playing competitive games late into the night. And I do mean competitive. Aunt Joanna and Aunt Gigi are feisty when it comes to . . . any game I play. Nothing brings them holiday merriment like me losing in a game. So I oblige them…every seventh year. (Jo, That means you can win again in 2010. By the way, a “slippery slope” is very scary and is worth two points. Thank you very much.)

4. I really love my “new” family. By new family, I mean the in-laws. They are catching on to the game thing a little bit. We played some “25 Words or Less” this year. It was great seeing Sandi have limit her words. She was very fun. Now Candice was amazing. I have never seen so much body language and conducting to get a teammate to say a synonym of “player.” (By the way Monica, “players” is not a synonym of “player.” The judges were looking for “athlete.”) My sweet wife was stuck on the girl team

5. I love watching my Reagan experience Christmas in a fresh new way. Last year, she was a little too young to grasp all the shiny present, ribbons and bows. This year, she was a quick learner. I am reminded that often we parents try too hard. Because we were on a tight budget this year, Reagan’s Christmas presents were limited–mostly dollar tree items and a little play set that she got last year and we never opened the box. (Shhh. she doesn’t know). This little play set couldn’t have cost more than 5 dollars and it has been her greatest joy for the past 48 hours. Not much keeps her away from Candice and I, but she will sit in her room and play with that clown and car for hours. Five dollars = Happy Reagan. That will be a Christmas tradition.

Five is a good number to stop. So I will leave with that. May your New Year be full of blessings and may God’s grace be effectual in your life in 2009.


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