Book Review: Churchill on Leadership

This is my first book on Winston Churchill. I was fascinated by his vision and organization. The book is set up with small readable chapters that are concluded with maxims by Churchill.

Some of my favorites are:

1. Do not become the passive matrix upon which others impose their designs.

2. Do no fritter away your energy on small schemes.

3. Ponder, then act. (Churchill’s point being that it does no good to ponder if it results in no action.)

4. “nothing avails but perfection” may be spelt shorter: ‘paralysis.’ Do not let the better be the enemy of the good.

5. I would rather be right than consistent.

6. It is sheer laziness not compressing thought into a reasonable space.

7.Laugh a little, and teach your men to laugh. Live dangerously; take things as they come; dread naught, all will be well.

8. Let it end only when each of us lies choking in our own blood upon the ground.

9. There is no merit in putting off a war for a year, if when it comes, its a far worse war or one much harder to win.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Churchill on Leadership

  1. James Hewitt says:

    wow, I started reading your book review, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up after a brief but refreshing nap I scrolled down to the comment box and here I am. I just wanted to say, a book review….what are you 80????? I think you should write something else about your wife. And by the way, you so married above yourself. How did a nerdy book guy land a hottie like that anyway??

  2. James Hewitt says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. SH says:

    Should I respond twice to your twin comments? I DID marry above myself. I’ll give you that one. As to the book review, some of us read. Maybe you have a job where you don’t have to actually DO anything, but you should read some. There are even have books on workouts and tattoos.

  4. James Hewitt says:

    “There are even have books” What the heck is that. Maybe you should read a grammar book, or maybe that is just the way lawyers write. By the way, because I ripped on you about your grammar, I had to re-read and correct a run on sentence. I do read by the way, and I don’t object to you reading, it’s just that you read boring books, or maybe it’s that you make them sound boring. Well, whatever it is, the reality is that I am way cooler then you.

  5. SH says:

    If by cooler you mean bigger then yes you are WAY cooler.

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