She walks in beauty

August 28 is Candice’s birthday. She is my wife. My only wife forever. And I couldn’t be more happy about it.

If you think you know her (or know you don’t), let me tell you a little bit about her.

She is short.

She loves me despite knowing more about me than you. Trust me.

When God made her, he wanted to show the rest of us how things get done. She gets more accomplished than I think should be possible with a small army. I do not know how she moves furniture by herself that I asked two other men to help me move. How does she mow the yard and do all the landscaping and still do the floors while having painted the upstairs? All without even telling me she going to do that today. “SURPRISE! I painted and rearranged and mowed and weeded and cleaned up today.” Um. I sat at desk and am still tired. Thank you God for my Candice.

She is a mother-supreme. If you have had the pleasure of meeting my awesome child, then you know that she has spent alot of time with an amazing mother. Reagan wouldn’t be Reagan without Candice being Candice. That makes sense and you know it. She reads and reads and reads about how to be a better mother and raise Godly children. (She then presents that information to me in short itemized memos)

She works relentlessly to make our house a home. Always welcoming the unexpected that I bring with me.

She is in so many ways the strength in my weakness. She is soft when I am loud. She is the initiator when I am the procrastinator. She generous when I am stingy. She is patient when I am hasty. She is kind when I am fuming. She is forgiving when I am vengeful. She is encouraging when I am in despair.

She works wonders with her mind, creativity with her hands, and joy with her heart.

Tell her Happy 25th if you see her on the mower.


3 thoughts on “She walks in beauty

  1. Mike Archer says:

    She also puts up with your snoring…I experienced that at the Men’s Retreat.

  2. Jo says:

    I have tears in my eyes. God is good to you little brother. Those were sweet words.

  3. Julie says:

    That was very sweet Shaun! I’m glad God has blessed your family. I wish we could see ya’ll more often.

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