What do you do now?

So now that you read my last post… and you are whole heartedly convinced that you need to turn off the television and read more, what do you read? I am glad you asked.

I think the battlefront for Christianity is being fought two steps out of the church door. The people attempting to define and redefine Christianity are those familiar with “a form of godliness.” The most sinister threats to Christ’s kingdom (though we know His will be victorious) are the ones that claim to be on His side.

Specifically, I believe that the most important issue in the church today is what we believe about how a Christian looks, talks and interacts in a postmodern culture. What is our involvement? Where should our passions be focused?

And on that note, I give you this one.

And this one.

And yet another one.



One thought on “What do you do now?

  1. Jo says:

    Wow- great resources. THese are all so timely in some things we’re trying to prepare to teach at church. Thanks for doing the heavy work. Love ya.

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