Christ alone is a warm fire

I read the very encouraging blog from Desiring God. Today, John Piper referred to a quote from Samuel Rutherford and to the quote’s soul-rejuvenating effect on him.

Rutherford has a way of saying needed truth with grace and honesty. I love (and thus repeat for you here) the following excerpt from a letter he wrote a lady friend who had recently lost her husband.

I often call to mind the comforts that I, a poor friendless stranger, received from your ladyship here in a strange part of the country, when my Lord took from me the delight of mine eyes (Ezek. 24:16). Although my wound is not yet fully healed and cured, I trust that your Lord, remembering what He did for me, will give you comfort now that He has made you a widow. This has happened in order that you may be a free woman for Christ, who is now seeking the love of your true heart. Therefore, when you lie alone in your bed, let Christ be as a bundle of myrrh, to sleep and lie all the night between your breasts.

Consider, that of all the crosses spoken of in our Lord’s Word, this one gives you a special right to make God your Husband (which was not so yours while your husband was alive). Therefore try to read God’s mercy out of this visitation; however I must say from the depths of my own suffering that the mourning for the husband of your youth is, as God’ says Himself, the heaviest worldly sorrow (Joel 1:8).

…After all, why do you think this world is so important? This world has never treated you like a friend. You owe it little love. Why you should you go courting after it? The world will never be a faithful partner to you. Never seek warm fire under cold ice.

That explains the frostbite on my heart. But there is warmth in the arms of God. Matt. 6:33.


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