Guidance for Youth Group Growth: Part 1

I have been praying about getting more involved in my local church. I used to teach and help with the youth and God is drawing my heart there again. I emailed a few people to get some guidance on approaching that ministry opportunity. I will try to post a few answers on the blog. The following answer came from Zach Nielsen a.k.a. Vitamin Z:

1. Preach the word, preach it in love, preach it with challenge, conviction and mercy. whatever you get busy with, keep preaching, loving and using the word.

2. Develop leaders, parents and promote a paradigm of holistic ministry. e.g. don’t try to do it on your own, enlist the help of the local church to raise up youth.

3. Contextualize (perhaps a buzzword) without succumbing to relevancy…make services revolve around Christ in a way students can understand, and don’t under estimate their capacities to think.

4. Along those lines, challenge kids to ask the hard questions about themselves, the bible, and the world that vies so violently for their souls.

5. Be in constant contact with the elders/pastors at your church, make sure there’s a some men on staff fighting for you.

6. Spend time in the word and prayer every day, first and foremost.

7. Do discipleship for fun, find stuff that kids like to do and do it with them, then talk about God, and how he infuses all of our passing pleasures with eternal purposes.

8. Continue your own training (books, commentaries, seminary, etc) in the contest of the local church.

9. Meet with at least one older man per week, get discipled, fight for this.

10. Hang out with lost people and serve. Make sure you’re not in the bubble. Be in the world and not of it, make lost friends, chill with them, serve them, and encourage your students to do the same…


One thought on “Guidance for Youth Group Growth: Part 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your involvement would be GREATLY appreciated & a HUGE encouragement!

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