Music and Faith

Again, Vitamin Z provides provocative fodder for the mind. This time he doles out the following excerpt from Harold Best’s Music in the Eyes of Faith:

The Scriptures include or allude to just about every approach to worship there is: organized, spontaneous, public, private, simple, complex, ornate, or plain. Yet there is no comment anywhere about any one way being preferred over another. Rather, it is the spiritual condition of the worshiper that determines whether or not God is at work. This fact alone countermands the tendency to assume that if we could just find the correct or fashionably relevant system, all will be well and God will come down. This doesn’t imply that we have no responsibility to make intelligent and sensitive choices or to be creative. But whatever these choices eventually are, they are incapable all by themselves of establishing the superiority of one system over another. (p. 146)

Agree? Disagree?


One thought on “Music and Faith

  1. kate says:

    Agree, of course. Why?–>The Scriptures are full of references to the condition of a man’s heart being what concerns God the most. His Word also tells people that their actions of worship (offerings, lip service, etc) are worthless and nauseating to God if their hearts are not right with Him. Additionally, man looks at the outer appearance, while God looks at the heart. How then can we accurately judge or apply a greater worth to any certain style of worship, unless we, too, are shown the heart? It doesn’t mean we can’t have our own preferences. It just means we can’t ascribe superiority to our preferences. …just a thought.

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