Jars of Clay

Excerpt from an interview with Jars of Clay:

Let’s talk about one new song, “Oh My God.” Where’d the idea come from?

Haseltine: Matt [Odmark, Jars guitaris] came to the band with this idea to use the phrase “Oh my God” in a song. It means so many different things and it’s used in so many different contexts, but in the end, it means that at some point in every person’s life, they have to confront whether or not God is real.

In the song, you express some of your own doubts. The press kit says that as a guy who grew up in church, you never felt like you had permission to ask whether God is real. What has happened in your life to cause you to ask that question now?

Haseltine: It’s strange. The things that make me doubt God at times are really kind of mundane things. Like McDonald’s.

Huh? Not AIDS in Africa or human suffering, but McDonald’s?

Haseltine: No, it’s not the suffering. It’s the stuff that makes me go, “So this is the way the story played out. That God would have some guy named Ray Kroc start a hamburger restaurant called McDonald’s.” It’s the way our world is structured, this idea of capitalism and the lottery, that make me go, “Is this all of man, or is this God?” Those things play a weird role in the story of mankind of working out his salvation and his place in the world. And those are the kind of things that cause me to kind of have these little crisis moments.

Read the whole interview here.


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