Al Mohler on Relevance

Al Mohler, at the T4g Blog, has a great article on the church and cultural relevance. An excerpt is below and the whole article is here.

So many of the issues we deal with today seem to be focused on those who, in their own way, argue that we should pursue relevance by putting ourselves and our churches out on the “cutting edge” of ministry. If this means taking every opportunity to extend faithful witness and ministry in the name of Christ, then count me in.
Regrettably, it often becomes a rationale for something very different in the end. Repeating that slogan, many pastors and churches, along with an array of parachurch ministries, push themselves into modes of ministry that are based more on cultural analysis and pragmatism than in a clear biblical and theological understanding of the nature and purpose of the church and the integrity of the Gospel.
The other problem with the “cutting edge” is that it really has no edge. The culture is moving at warp speed in so many different directions that absolute relevance is a mirage. Faithfulness to the Gospel produces the only relevance that matters.


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