Hey Baby, What’s Your System? (or "Look at my big words.")

I have recently been learning about the differences between certain systems of theology. For example, am I a dispensationalist or a covenant theologian? Maybe a New Covenant Theologian?

Growing up, I heard my dad use the word “dispensation” long before I learned about the idea of a system of theology. So when I learned there was a system called dispensationlism, I guess I assumed I was that. (If those three “I”s were any closer together, they would be a roman numeral). However, upon my initial jump into the differences between the systems, I found myself much more aligned with the more reformed positions of the Covenant system.

Initially, I was/am very hesitant to admit this because I have always identified covenant theology as being centered on the unfortunate belief of infant baptism. And I was shocked to hear of the belief by some Covenant Theologians in “covenant children”/succession. Succession is the belief that “The child of a Christian parent is presumptively a Christian and an heir of eternal life.”

I no longer believe that infant baptism is necessary to Covenant Theology although it usually is a fundamental tenant in the larger (i.e. Presbyterian) following. I have much to read and learn but will update later.

Have you ever wondered about the differences? Do you know with which system you would most closely identify? Do you know why?


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