The Demon In The Bedroom

That snooze button is one of the greatest spiritual obstacles I face. It seems so innocent at night as I set the alarm for 6:00 A.M. But in the morning, the black button has transformed into an ominous temptation. I can hear the demon whisper, “Just touch it and everything will be ok. C.mon, Shaun…everybody’s doing it. It’s no big deal.”

But it has been a big deal. ‘Sleeping in’ eliminates my morning “quiet time.”

I have been taught from a very early age to have my quiet time–a daily time of Bible reading. This teaching is based on passages like Hebrews 10:19-22 which tells us that we can, and should, now draw near in confidence and full assurance into the “holy places.” In context, being in the “holy places” is a metaphor for being in fellowship with God. The Old Testament Saints had to make sacrifices in order to be right with God. It was a way to commune with their Almighty Father. Today, New Testament believers draw near to God at any time through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

So I see it this way, my quiet time is a New Testament replacement for the sacrifices. (Now, I know the analogy breaks down at certain points, but bear with me.) A daily devotional is a way for me to commune with God, to ask for and receive forgiveness of sins and to equip myself for the day ahead.

These thoughts have led me to believe that my devotional time with God the most important time of my day. When I snooze, I choose myself over Christ and my temporary pleasure over God’s infinite glory. I must be more disciplined to get up early. And though I may need some Foldiers in my cup to fight the demon snooze button, the best part of waking up is definitely the sweet fellowship with my Saviour.


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