Say What?

Did I hear that right? Did the the pastor really just say that? I skipped back listened again to the downloaded sermon just to be sure. Yeah, he said it.

“Tithing is middle-class America’s way of robbing God.” I was taken back. But as I listened, I was deeply moved by the premise of the message which I believe can be summed up as the following: Laying up treasures in Heaven is a lifestyle of not laying up treasures on earth. Consequently, our tithe is just the beginning.

The sermon was a two-part sermon by John Piper titled Don’t be Anxious. (Part 1 text here. Part two text here. Part 1 audio here. Part 2 audio here.)

Piper’s point when saying the above quote was that we in America are satisfied and confident in our obedience when we only give 10 percent as our tithe. But Piper makes the argument that even in the Old Testament, the saints in the old covenant, who had not the blessing of being this side of the Cross, gave freewill offerings. Freewill offerings? Yeah, in addition to thank offerings, drink offerings, harvest offerings, feast offerings and many, many more that were required by Old Testament law, the people gave freewill offerings…Because they wanted too. It was a spontaneous expression of love for their gracious God.

How often do I go over and above my ten percent? Do I give my possessions away to show God how much I love Him? Do I do it cheerfully?

God give me grace to give freely knowing that you have promised all I need for life and Godliness.


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